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ProSoftware is a young and dynamic Software House highly specialized in developing Utility Software for medium and small businesses.
Operating Branch
Via Leonardo Bianchi, 16
80131 Napoli (NA)

Tel. +39 081/5451091
Fax: +39 081/7707396
E-Mail: info@pro-software.it
ProSoftware is always looking for new retailers or representatives who are interested in selling our products.

Becoming our retailer or representative means being a partner of a company that can claim many acknowledgments from major IT web sites and from well known magazines of the sector.

ProSoftware differs from other companies as we do not require the retailer to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce. We believe this to be only a bureaucratic complication and does not give any benefit of either party.

Our retailer list can be downloaded at this address .

For further information : info@pro-software.it

Tel: +39 081 5451091
Fax: +39 081 7707396
Cell: +39 333 3269139
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